Wednesday, 9 May 2012


जिनको  अपना  समझा  था
वो  हमी  को   समझ  पाए
जिनपे  हमने  विश्वास  किया  था
वो  हमी  पर  विश्वास    कर  पाए
ज़िन्दगी  में  इतने  धोके  खा  चूका  हूँ अब
की  समझ  नहीं  आता  किसको अपना  समझूं
किस  पर  विश्वास  करून  अब
अब  हमको  कोई   समझना  भी  चाहे
अब  कोई   विश्वास  का  खेल  फिरसे खेलना  भी  चाहे
तो  डर  लगता  है  की  इस ज़ख़्मी को कही  एक  ठोकर  और  न  पढ़  जाए
ज़िन्दगी  का  सफ़र  अकेले  ही  शुरू  किया  था
 अकेले  ही  चला  जा रहा  हूँ
और अकेले  ही  ख़तम   करूँगा   ऐसा    लगता  है
फिर  भी  दिल  में  एक  आशा  की  किरण  है 
की  कही  किसी  मोड़  पे  एक  मुसाफिर  और  मिलेगा
और  यह  सफ़र  हमारे  साथ  पार  करेगा .

- अवनीश गुप्ता 


दिन भर सोच तेरे बारे थक जाता हूँ मैं 
बेचैन दिल से सोने चला जाता हूँ मैं 
उसकी आँखें नाजाने क्या नशा कर गई है मुझपे 
वो नाजाने कौनसा प्यार का जाम पिला गई है मुझे 
की कम्भाक्त मेरे सपनो में भी चली आती है 
और रोज़ रात मेरी नींद उड़ा ले जाती है .  

- अवनीश गुप्ता 

ज़िन्दगी  का  दस्तूर  मैं अभी तक  जान  नहीं  पाया
ये   ज़िन्दगी  कैसा खेल  है  में पहचान  नहीं  पाया
इस  खेल  के  नियम  अजीब है  बहुत
किसी  को  मिले  थोडा  और  किसी  को  मिले  बहुत
कब  क्या हो  जाए  ये  नहीं  पता  लगा  सकते
कल  जो  जीते  आज  भी  जीत  जाये  ये  कह नहीं  सकते
कोई  थोडा  पाके भी खुश  
तो  कोई  सब  पाके  भी  नाखुश
अभी  तो  में  इस  खेल  का  नया  खिलाड़ी  हूँ
पर  थोडा  बहुत  मैं  भी  इस  खेल  को  समझने  लगा  हूँ
ज़िन्दगी  के  जीना  का  मज़ा  वही  ले  पता  है
जो  इस  खेल  में  हार  कर  भी  खेलना  चाहता  है  

-अवनीश गुप्ता

     गुस्ताखी  माफ़

ऐसा क्या गुन्नाह कर दिया जाने अनजाने में हमने
की वो  नफरत ही करने लग गये हमसे
हमारे कहे को दिल पे ऐसा क्या ले लिया उन्होंने
की हमसे गुफ्तगू भी करना छोर दिया उन्होंने
हमने तो बस उनके साथ मज़ाक करना छह था
पर मजाक तो वो  हमारे साथ कर गये 
जिस जुर्म से बेखबर थे हम 
ऐसे जुर्म की सज़ा भुगतने  छोर दिया हमें
एक मौका मिल्ल्ले तो अपनी गुस्ताखी को भी सुधार दे 
बस वो  हमें  इस कदर नज़र अंदाज़ करना बंद तो करे.
-अवनीश गुप्ता

As I was sitting in a train on my way back to Delhi from Jaipur I realized that I have actually completed half of my engineering. Well my end semester examinations of second year of graduation just got over and the next three months are to be spend at home, yes three months off from college..!!!  I always had aspired to become an engineer. Looking out of the train’s window and seeing the trees speeding  past me I realized I how similar to these trees my time during the last two years in The LNMIIT  had passed away so quickly. Last couple of years has not only made me acquire and develop my engineering skills only but much more than that. It has journey been I would say worth living for. Staying away from home for the first time and being exposed to the open real world it helped me understand the dynamics of it.

First of all talking about the hostels itself I would say that hostel life is simply awesome. Infact I would say that hostel life is an integral part of engineering, without it it’s just incomplete. It just gives you and takes nothing. By giving I mean to say it gives you the experience to be on your own, have a firsthand experience of what it’s like to be independent. It helps you develope as a person, realize the true character of this world. You are bound to make some good friends as has been the case with me, On the lighter site the fun and the thrills it gives you is just incomparable to anything and that is what makes hostel life worth it. Infact writing about this has made me nostalgic about my own hostel experiences during the last two years. If I sit down to write everything that has happened uptill now I would end up writing a book.

Reading up till now one might feel that engineering is all about having fun but I would like to say that it’s not at all like that my friend, with all the long and tiring lectures, regular assignments that you don’t have a clue about and of course the dreadful examinations engineering is one hell of a journey and it’s no child play. If at one end it’s the fun of staying in a hostel then on the other hand there is this huge amount of pressure to perform and achieve something to make yourself worthwhile. The parents wants you give a constant performance, get good grades and besides that there are your own expectations from yourself. Many students who have the potential just take the wrong path during these crucial years. Staying in a hostel also adds pressure especially when your friends are performing well and you are not!!!

 One thing I have cherished most about the last two years is that there have been numerous instances when I have been down and out, all alone by myself, but I still managed to rise up again. I feel life is all about this only, to discover about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. With engineering another thing that becomes an important part of your life is your CPI i.e. cumulative point index if anyone of you doesn’t know about it. For some their CPI is a matter of pride while for some it’s just the opposite. My advice to all of you out there would be never ask three things in life a woman’s age, a man’s salary and an engineer’s CPI !!!  Well I would like to stop here right now as engineering life is something I can go on and on and unfortunately my station is here. It’s times to go home and with two years gone and two to go I have many expectations. The next two years I hope will be even better, something special something that can be cherished for the rest of my life because you get only one such opportunity.      


My engineering exams are finally over and now the college is finally off for three months, yes you heard it right three months..!!!  It might look pretty awesome but believe me three months is not an easy time for people like us to pass our time through although I might be doing some work this summer but still.  You must be wondering that why am I telling you all this, well because the idea of starting this blog is somehow related to this only. I always wanted to do blogging and even made couple of attempts previously in the past but failed miserably. But during the last week of my college during my examination time I was just surfing through the internet when I went through some blogs and it just struck me why the hell I don’t go ahead with it, and with the summer break coming up I thought it is a good time to put my thoughts into my actions. And here it is finally I have done the first thing on my ‘To do checklist’ for this summer. Well blogging is not an easy thing to do, how can I say that? Well that’s the reason I didn’t do it till now. You have to make efforts  to write something that not only interests you but should attract other people attention  too, to grab an audience for your  blog and connect with them is the not a walk in the park. So in order to seek attention of wider horizon of audience I have tried not to do blogging about anything in specific but keep it arbitrary.

 Randomness is the key to my blog, randynamicavanish which is my blog domain is for random dynamic avanish only. You will find articles about day to day stuff, some of my poems that I have written (a word of caution you might find it extremely boring and funny but I would feel obliged even if one person out there is able to connect him/herself with it) and some of the quotations that I have been able to write based upon my experiences till now (I don’t know if I sounded like 60 in my last statement..!!!). If this thing becomes a success I would like to expand it and add more things to this blog of mine. For that I will be needing the support of all of you. I hope I am able to provide quality entertaining stuff to all my followers.