Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My engineering exams are finally over and now the college is finally off for three months, yes you heard it right three months..!!!  It might look pretty awesome but believe me three months is not an easy time for people like us to pass our time through although I might be doing some work this summer but still.  You must be wondering that why am I telling you all this, well because the idea of starting this blog is somehow related to this only. I always wanted to do blogging and even made couple of attempts previously in the past but failed miserably. But during the last week of my college during my examination time I was just surfing through the internet when I went through some blogs and it just struck me why the hell I don’t go ahead with it, and with the summer break coming up I thought it is a good time to put my thoughts into my actions. And here it is finally I have done the first thing on my ‘To do checklist’ for this summer. Well blogging is not an easy thing to do, how can I say that? Well that’s the reason I didn’t do it till now. You have to make efforts  to write something that not only interests you but should attract other people attention  too, to grab an audience for your  blog and connect with them is the not a walk in the park. So in order to seek attention of wider horizon of audience I have tried not to do blogging about anything in specific but keep it arbitrary.

 Randomness is the key to my blog, randynamicavanish which is my blog domain is for random dynamic avanish only. You will find articles about day to day stuff, some of my poems that I have written (a word of caution you might find it extremely boring and funny but I would feel obliged even if one person out there is able to connect him/herself with it) and some of the quotations that I have been able to write based upon my experiences till now (I don’t know if I sounded like 60 in my last statement..!!!). If this thing becomes a success I would like to expand it and add more things to this blog of mine. For that I will be needing the support of all of you. I hope I am able to provide quality entertaining stuff to all my followers.


  1. Ravishingly off the board!
    congratzz for your successful attempt :P
    and welcome to the blogging fraternity.