Monday, 20 August 2012

It was quarter past twelve on a Wednesday afternoon. The ambience was very serene and soothing. People around on all the other tables were engaged in chatting with each other without any showcase of too much of attention seeking emotions but these two had been sitting there quietly on a small round table for two for quite some time now. Breaking the ice she asked him '' Tell me what love for you is?'' Finally taking his eyes of her and breaking away from his thoughts he took a deep breath, smiled and said '' The very fact that I can sit here with you for hours just staring at you lost in my thoughts , without being uneasy , not feeling the need to necessarily say something and yet enjoying your presence . For me that is love.'' 


  1. Short story?
    It should be mini story; or perhaps preview of a story

  2. yes you are absolutely it is a 'short short story' but this is the complete thing from my side.

  3. I think the answer was lovely :D
    Which girl wouldn't want to hear that? :P
    Nice :)

  4. lovely....nd lively...!!
    explaining love in few lines is not a easy job...i must u did it very nicely....

  5. thank you i am glad you liked it :)