Thursday, 16 August 2012

They were the best of friends. They were like 'The Three Musketeers’. She was going out with one of the two guys for quite some time now. His best friend was his girl friend and this thought used to make him very upbeat and content. He felt like he was complete. They were deeply in love with each other. But this love was long gone and now the excitement in their relationship was no more. Unaware of this fact the other guy though pleased for both his friends used to feel the need of having something similar, something so spicy something so exciting in his life. He loved that girl which was his best friend and his best friend's girl friend but didn't want to ruin everything. One day while sitting alone with her he hugged her and with her image in his mind said "I wish I too had someone who loved me and whom I loved even more, someone who made me feel what I have never felt like before." The girl still with her arms around him thought in her mind I wish you could see, you could imagine that girl in me, I wish I wish and with that took a heavy breath.


  1. Hmm...quite true about how relationships turn sour with time, habits hold together. I think the only spells that last is where togetherness is not 24 by 7. When there is always a distance that never bridges fully

  2. aahh tough spot. Weird how relationshi[s get tainted over time. Nice read! :)

  3. ohhh a love triangle ..
    hmm maybe they shud talk it out and since they are good friends it might just work out ..

    no use living in a relation which is going downhill


    1. rightly said but what they do ahead has been left to imagination of the readers...!!!

  4. I like this one..Triangle all the way!!