Friday, 8 June 2012


Satyamev Jayate, yes the Hindu mantra from ancient scripture which was adopted as the national motto of India after independence. But I am talking here about the famous Indian TV talk show named after the motto which has suddenly rose to the top spot in terms of popularity. The show premiered recently only on star network and doordarshan and is currently being hosted by famous bollywood star ‘The perfectionist’ Aamir Khan. Well going by the statistics of the shows which even beat IPL season-5 in terms of TRP ratings I don’t think I need to give much of an introduction about the show but still for those who aren’t aware of it, the show brings to the limelight very important social issues in India. In its episodes so far dowry, female foeticide, honour killing in the name of love marriage, medical malpractice and child sexual abuse where some of the matters that were taken up to spread general awareness among the common people of India.

The show is really a good initiative to let people know what is happening in the country, what are the devils that our society is currently being haunted by, what is it that is not allowing our country to grow more rapidly as a community and as a society. Much has been talked about the concept of the show that it is very unique and that first time someone has been brave enough to stand up bring such sensitive issues in front of general public so openly. People have been going crazy about the show, in fact I have been hearing too much appreciation from people around me. But whenever I do hear or read something about the show being extra-ordinary just one question comes to my mind “ Why Satyamev Jayate only?”  

Well I don’t think the concept, the issues being discussed and the whole show itself is something very unique. If you observe carefully a show called ‘Crime Patrol’ on Sony channel which is currently is in its 4th season is absolutely on the same concept. This show also takes up various real life cases on such social issues. Then there is one talk show ‘Zindagi Live’ on IBN7 which is on the same lines. These are just a couple of  examples. Infact there are and there were many reality talk shows which have been trying to enlighten the public of India on such social issues, then why is it that only ‘Satyamev Jayate’ is being talked about. Although Rakhi Sawant’s claim that the concept was stolen from her show ‘Rakhi ka insaaf’, well that surely is an insult to this show and the team of ‘Satyamev Jayate’. 

But just because the show host is a big shot bollywood star Aamir Khan and the show has been given a prime time slot that is of 11am every Sunday it doesn’t mean that we give ‘Satyamev Jayate’ what I believe it does not deserve i.e. the tag of being ‘Unique’ and ‘Extra-ordinary’.

By calling this show a unique venture in terms of its concept something being done first time in the history of Indian television  I think the efforts of other people who are behind various other such similar shows is not being acknowledged and given the appreciation deserved. Also I don’t think that the society is not at all unaware of these social problems because we all are a part of this system only. The government of India and various states has been trying hard to curb these problems , so some people have also mistaken the motive of this show by targeting the government for not being active. So to clear this I want to quote something said by Aamir Khan himself “Through this we understand the problem of the people, we are not here to make a change. I am no one to change anything. I don’t think I am in the position to change anything else. I feel understanding a problem and feeling it or holding one’s hand or hugging is also important. I may not have the solution, but at least I can hear and understand.” 

For people who are under any type of confusion with me being against the show in terms what it is trying to convey or rather me being against Aamir Khan I would like to say this is not at all the case. First of all the I really appreciate the efforts of the entire team of ‘Satyamev Jayate’ for bringing out such a show as it will only help our country grow .It can do good and only good to our society. Secondly Aamir khan is one of my personal favorites as he is one of those actors with great skills who has been known for highlighting unusual issue in his movies  like as in ‘3 idiots’ or for that matter ‘Taare zameen par’. He has always been known as the master of marketing and I really appreciate the way in which this talk show is being promoted.  Infact when celebrities come up and join such ventures it only helps as they are public figures and I think it is their duty to give something back to the society.

P.S:- I really liked the theme song of the show as it does give you a feel of being proud that you are an Indian.


  1. Ummm....I hope you do not mind open criticism, I think I am reading your blog for the first time yet, I rather be honest than honeycoat. I liked what I read however couldn't connect with the conclusion. The tone was quite balanced initially, later it seemed the author got carried away with the notion of going against a popular show.

    It was a nice critique, well pointed, however the confused POV ruined it in last two paragraphs.

    Apologies if I sound harsh. I do not mean to. Just wanted to let you know honest feedback. Cheers.

  2. Hello Chintan.Well i do not mind criticism at all as its always better to know the reality than create a bubble around yourself i believe.Well basically the last paragraph is all about to clear that i am not against such shows or why such stuff/issues are being taken up on television. As i said it is a very good show but don't try to create an image of it being unique, something being done for the first time which is the conclusion i would say. Anyways i am really pleased with your comment a blend of both appreciation and criticism i would say and would definitely try to improve upon. Thank You

  3. agree with you that satyaeva jayate is not the first attempt in indian television in creating social awareness ,but the high trp it is getting compared to other shows is because aamir khan and his team has done their home work and they present various aspects to it, like involving officials associated with the issues , giving the solution at the end , thereby giving people a hope .Amir khan's mass appeal is an icing on the cake.
    anyways well written post!!

  4. I feel that this show is much better than other so called 'reality' shows. I was actually fed up and decided not to watch any TV show, but this one is quite different. I think we should appreciate such initiatives.

  5. @ES- no one is trying to take away the credit away from this show but then no one should take it away from the other shows as well....

  6. it certainly is not 'new' and 'unique' in every sense of the word. it's just the glamor attached with this, i guess.

  7. I agree with you that the only reason SJ is so famous is because of Aamir Khan. And while raising awareness is important, the show does annoy me because everyone feels they have done their duty simply by watching the show and clucking over the state of the country and its many problems, and feel that that's the end of the matter. Their consciences are assuaged by watching the TV show, they feel they've done enough, and no one tries to do any more. Granted, I'm not any better, but I think this easy acceptance of all these horrible societal problems in the name of 'awareness' is not a solution. People need to be made uncomfortable, that's the only way we get action. Delivering it to them in a neatly palatable TV show form is not helping, I think.

    Just my two cents.

  8. Crime petrol is like a crime reporter. It scares the already scared and insecure Indians. Satyamev Jayate is more like a talk explaining the wrong doings of the society and in a passive manner. The analogy that can be derived is that Crime Petrol is telling a teenager not to do something and Satyamev Jayate is like sitting with a teenager and explaining why he should not do a particular thing.

    1. I agree with you totally but its not the concept of the show, the manner in which it is being conducted that is in question here. Obviously crime patrol and satyamev jayate are two separate ventures and so will be and are different.Both are like same cars on the same highway but different lanes. All i wanted to express through this article was that the issues/topics that are being taken up are not something new. After watching episode on 'female foeticide' the public said this topic has been taken up for the first time on television and it was very brave of Aamir..!!! Now this is where i disagree with them. I hope i have been able to satisfy you now. Thank You

    2. Yeah.It is the first time. Female foeticide was reported. It was never discussed who,how and why. People feel relieved hearing others experiences and makes them strong if they see other people coming forward.